The Community Home Builders Team

Mike Auvil, Construction Supervisor
Mr. Auvil has an extensive journeyman carpentry background. He has successfully helped usher nine self-help groups through building and completion of 91 homes. Mr. Auvil is an invaluable member of the Community Home Builders team; able to handle issues related to both interpersonal conflict and construction management. He displays leadership in complex situations, holds a wealth best construction practices knowledge, understanding of adult learning styles, strong organizational capability and extensive teamwork skills. Additionally, Mr. Auvil is very involved in community volunteerism.

Gerardo Partida, Group Coordinator
Mr. Partida has been a realtor for more than 15 years has a vast knowledge of real estate, title, and home financing.  He has strengths in project and event coordination and vendor/subcontractor contract/bid management. Mr. Partida has worked to understand the program thoroughly and is able to provide the client with a level of thoughtful professionalism not found elsewhere. Mr. Partida has a heart for the community and volunteers in a multitude of capacities, while carrying with him a strong commitment to assisting people in Yamhill County and surrounding communities reach their homeownership dreams.

Suzanne Pomeroy, Fiscal Manager
As a former owner of Balance Bookkeeping, our Fiscal Manager has ten years’ experience with us and has managed 10 years of fund accounting and self-help builders’ budgets. Ms. Pomeroy has also worked to provide financial controls and systems as she managed payroll, accounts payables and receivables and many other aspects of financial operations. An integral part of the CHB team, Ms. Pomeroy has worked to structure financial strategy and sound practices, while working internally to create a well-oiled machine with the controls necessary to ensure proper tracking, allocation and management of a diversity of funds.

Janice Allen, Administrative Assistant and VIDA Specialist
Ms. Allen is essential to the promotion and success of the Self-Help program and coordinates the VIDA Program.  Comprising the capacity to create order from chaos, she is a skilled organizer and helps create business systems. Ms. Allen has bookkeeping and payroll background, but most notably, she has the ability to keep the organization moving forward by facilitating good communication and best practices for document control and workflow.

Our Board of Directors:

Teresa Smith – Board President
Ralph Rogers – Board Vice-President
John Larsen – Board Secretary/Treasurer                         Kevin Chambers – Board Member
Dudley Frost – Board Member
Joseph Stewart – Board Member
Joe Strunk – Board Member                                                   Pattie Waltz – Board Member