Our Mission

To invest in individuals, families, and rural communities by developing ownership, equity, and skills.

Community Home Builders (formerly Yamhill Community Development Corporation) is a private non-profit that has been building homes and investing in rural communities for over twenty-eight years. Our organization partners with families and individuals, helping them build their own homes, achieve long-term stability and learn valuable skills aiding in long-term home maintenance.

The heart of our organization is the Mutual Self-Help Housing Program. Here, 8-12 families team together to help build each others’ homes. Once complete, the families own their homes and have earned sweat equity along the way! This program is perfect for low and moderate income families, with mortgages that adjust with income levels. In addition to the Mutual Self-Help Program, Community Home Builders owns and manages farm-worker housing apartments and operates an array of savings and educational programs aimed at helping families find their way into affordable, stable, long-term housing.


Neighbors Building Neighborhoods

"Instead of building a home just for yourself, you’re building an entire neighborhood and become friends with the people around you."

— Rachel Cantrell-Weaver, Homeowner


Community Home Builders has provided stable housing for over 600 people, including 300 children! Moreover, by building in the valley and utilizing local vendors, suppliers and contractors, has fed more than $36M dollars into the local economy – creating jobs and wages for our local businesses while at the same time creating stable housing for our clients!